Monday, 7 December 2009

perfect timing to start a blog!!=p

i love writing..i know i should have started a blog even before the word makes it into the dictionary..but i love procrastinating more than i love that's why it took me years to begin writing to the world..and should i also mention that i'm doing this now so i could put off burying my face into my oh-so-thick finance textbook till later??

why such a silly blog name?well,because i thought it sounded better than 'apple itu epal' (no offense to anyone who actually uses this blog name)..hoho=p

i used to want to be an author..i just had a problem figuring out what i should be writing about..maybe jotting down my thoughts here will eventually give me some idea of what kind of literature i am strongest at.. finance textbook is calling me=(
the idea of repeating the finance exam is so not appealing!so i should really go now!

so,till my next entry..which i dont know when that will be..i'm a procrastinator,remember!!=p


  1. You go girl!! I'm your fan already!!.. Hehehe..

  2. now u have 2 fans!!... banana itu pisang we craving for more posts!! ^.^

  3. orite i just had cokodok epal made by my roomate. no offense to any banana fans out there ok ;)

  4. hanabanana??!!!! who gave u that name huh?? haha... bananaitupisang? i likeeeeeeeeeeeee... can't wait to read ur blog! hurry uppppp hanaaabananaaaaaaaaa =)