Friday, 29 January 2010

New Month's Resolutions??

Woah,the last time I posted anything in here was more than a month ago. After some simple maths, this blog would be lucky enough if I managed to add 12 more posts by the end of 2010. An entry per month sounds doable enough for someone as lazy as I am!huhu^_^

Yesterday, my friend Fatin asked me "Hana, when are you gonna update ur blog???"

Huh, thanks Fatin for giving me the push I needed to keep writing. To tell you the truth, I've forgotten that I even have a blog! (Haha and I blame that on those exams!)..Ok Fatin, so this one is especially for you ^_^

I know it's a bit late to be making new year's resolutions. 29 days late to be exact. But hey, that's why I decided to come up with new month's resolutions instead of the regular annual ones. 2 good reasons: February 2010 is just around the corner and uhhh..Okay, fine, just one good reason..haha..

Based on past experiences,my super-duper-long lists of new year's resolutions will never make it past the first week of January. What a waste of time, energy n ink writing out all those aims and goals. (If you're lucky enough, you'd find a few of those previous years' lists stashed in between the old books in my room..haha)..So I'm a planner but was never good with the implementation part..So why bother making another list?Well, I figured if I kept the goals to a maximum of three items, they'd seem much more achievable..and the shorter one-month span may also be the impetus I dearly need.Not that I'd ditch the resolutions when the month ends, but I'd try to roll the goals over to the next month's list..Hmm,let's see how I'd fare..

Ok so here goes:

#Resolution Code: 01-02-2010

-->Not so much junk food Hana, are you trying to kill yourself???
Please note that I've used the phrase 'not so much' instead of 'no more'..since I know I've been eating junk food like they're my staple diet or something.And I know I could never completely avoid them otherwise I'd die out of 'boredom of not munching'.So yeah,I vow to eat healthier because I want to live till the day I'd have to depend on dentures to chew my food.
p.s:gambar hiasan semata-mata=)

#Resolution Code: 02-02-2010

-->Please don't procrastinate so much.You don't wanna be left behind do you,Hana??

Okay the semester 1 exams are over.And me being me, I've left everything to be done at the very very last seconds!I mean, the night before the exams are meant for revising and refreshing your mind about something you already know right?But No No No No, Hana The Procrastinator was frantically trying hard to learn and understand what the lecturers have been babbling about in class for the whole semester.I know many people are in the same boat, but wouldn't you like to see a change in that?

#Resolution Code: 03-02-2010

-->See the glass half-full Hana, not half-empty!!^_^
I know it's hard for me to be fully satisfied.There's always something wrong somewhere.Most of the times the imperfect little things that didn't go my way will make me overlook the bigger and more important things that actually did go according to plan.This makes it hard for me to be truly happy with life.I dont want that anymore. Why dwell on the small things right?Let them go,Hana!
There!My February 2010 resolutions!Hope I can abide by at least one of them,if not all..Haha,am I being too easy on myself??
Ok people.There's another bag of chocolate in my drawer waiting for me.I should finish that first before starting on these resolutions right?Anyway,the official date to live by these goals would be 1st February 2010 and the last time I checked, it's still January 2010!So I have a couple more days to pig out on those chocolates!Yummy!^_^