Monday, 14 December 2009

what baby sisters are for..=)

Being thousands of miles away from home, guess what tops my 'The Malaysian Things I Miss' list?
You're nearly there if you guessed 'roti pisang' or 'matahari menyinar sampai pukul 7pm'.

But you're amazingly brilliant if you answered 'adik2 kecil yang sangat comel'. Haha, as if the title doesn't already give the answer away=)

The point is, I miss my baby sisters. I know they are waaay past the toddler stage and they are too enormous (and not to mention heavy..Ami:please take note) to be called babies, but they will ALWAYS be my babies..(Yu and Ami:this doesn't give you the excuse to act like one though=p)

I miss having to fight over the idiot box-Yu, one day you'd agree with me that 'FRIENDS' are waaay funnier than 'NINJA BOYS'!

I miss watching Yu pray in her once-oversized telekung-I always thought she looks like a mini hantu pocong!

I miss making Yu and Ami brush and tie my hair up into ponytails & pigtails over and over again till they cry out "Ala Kakak dah la tu..penat laaa..."..This is one evidence that she's great with boys' hair too:

I miss locking them up in a tight embrace and giving them wet pecks on the cheeks-This never fails to annoy Yu to the bits!

And believe it or not, I miss listening to them wail their lungs out in a silly quarrel over the computer. Okay, maybe this one I could live without..(",)

Nadiah, sorry I didnt include you in the 'baby sisters' list. I guess a girl who's already scratching her head worrying about her first thesis definitely doesn't qualify as a baby. But I do miss you too, you Dancing Princess!

If I were asked about the things I'm most thankful for in life, having a huge family would undoubtedly be my answer. I'd never trade my brothers and sisters for ANYTHING at all in the world. Not for money, beauty nor fame. And not even for all the roti pisang in the world~
PS:This is my favorite picture of my baby sisters with my late Abah=)

Monday, 7 December 2009

perfect timing to start a blog!!=p

i love writing..i know i should have started a blog even before the word makes it into the dictionary..but i love procrastinating more than i love that's why it took me years to begin writing to the world..and should i also mention that i'm doing this now so i could put off burying my face into my oh-so-thick finance textbook till later??

why such a silly blog name?well,because i thought it sounded better than 'apple itu epal' (no offense to anyone who actually uses this blog name)..hoho=p

i used to want to be an author..i just had a problem figuring out what i should be writing about..maybe jotting down my thoughts here will eventually give me some idea of what kind of literature i am strongest at.. finance textbook is calling me=(
the idea of repeating the finance exam is so not appealing!so i should really go now!

so,till my next entry..which i dont know when that will be..i'm a procrastinator,remember!!=p